Love is Everywhere: Holly’s Pajamas Part 2

And now, after a week of waiting, it’s time to reveal Holly’s pajamas! I am really pleased with how they turned out. I think the custom fabric (read about the creation here) works really well as pajamas.

The Pattern  

The pattern I used for these pajamas is the same pattern as I used for my daughter’s jammies (my review here) from Peek-a-Boo patterns. I only ordered a little more of the custom “Love is Everywhere” fabric than I needed to make Holly’s pajamas. I couldn’t afford to cut them out and then discover that I wanted to make a change. Making my daughter’s pajamas was perfect for a low stakes test run.

Sizing in patterns and in clothing that you buy in the store, or ready-to-wear (RTW) clothing, are not the same. Each pattern company and each clothing company designs their patterns based on a unique set of measurements. In order to make the right size pajamas for Holly, my mom and I had to be a little tricky. We found out Holly’s RTW size and then sent my mom to Target to take measurements of the pajamas for sale in her size. By comparing those measurements to the pattern itself, I was able to select the proper size to sew. It turns out that the Alex and Anna Pajamas are sized very closely to Target pajamas.

The Accents

I was thrilled to discover that the raspberry colored ribbing that I had in my basement fabric stash matched the pink in the custom print perfectly. It was a small piece of ribbing, but it was just the right amount for the cuffs and neckband. I love the way it contrasts with the purple and how it highlights the words and hearts in the print.

In the back of the shirt and pants, I added a bit of ribbon to act as a “tag.” I usually only think of clothing tags when they are an itchy annoyance, so I often forget how helpful they can be! I forgot to tag the back of my daughter’s jammies and so every time she wears them I have to spend a minute figuring out which side is the front. Maybe someday I’ll get custom tags to make my handmade garment tags more special, but for now a piece of ribbon works great.

Fabric Scrap Headbands

I had a little bit of fabric left over after finishing the pajamas. Holly lives with her parents, two sisters and two brothers, and I decided to use the excess fabric to make them some headbands. It is really challenging to be a sibling or parent of a cancer patient. I hoped that the headbands would help the girls in the family feel loved, too. (Note: I couldn’t think of a small thing to make for the boys in the family, but I still have a couple of scraps of fabric if you have any ideas for me. They also deserve to feel loved!)

I will share the pattern and tutorial for this headband in an upcoming post. They are quick to make and they require a very small amount fabric.

Delivering Holly’s Pajamas

Holly’s family lives in Oregon, close to my mom, but far away from me. So I shipped the headbands and pajamas to my mom and she delivered them to Holly. The family was really excited. And coincidentally, the purple pajamas match Holly’s freshly painted bedroom walls.

Isn’t that a powerful picture? I am so glad I could do something small for such a strong group of women. They have made an impact on me and many others. Love is everywhere, Holly. You are loved!


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