Me Made Capsule no. 1: Classic Tee Shirt

Capsule No 1: Classic Tee Shirt | Octaves of Color, a Creative Blog

Welcome to the first post in my Me Made Capsule Series! The first project I wanted to tackle for my capsule wardrobe was a classic tee shirt. There is nothing more basic or more essential than a tee shirt. But because tee shirts are so simple, every detail makes a big impact. The fabric, neckline […]

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Introducing My Me-Made Capsule Wardrobe

Introduction: Me-Made Capsule Wardrobe | Octaves of Color

Today, I’m introducing a new series: my Me-Made Capsule Wardrobe. I’d like to tell you why I want a capsule wardrobe, and why it matters to me to make it myself. My life has been in continuous transition for the past three years. And while I have adapted to my new life, my wardrobe really […]

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Making a Mini-T for My Mini-Me

When you have a baby, one of the first things people want to tell you is which parent your baby looks like. To me, babies look like babies, not their parents. And my own child was no exception. I had no idea who she looked like, or if she would end up looking like my […]

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Gingham Easter Dress: My Own Design

When I was a kid, getting a new Easter dress was a major highlight of the year. The headquarters of Portland-based Daisy Kingdom were a short drive away from where I lived in Beaverton. As I remember it, Daisy Kingdom was the coolest thing around. At church, all of the girls in my Sunday School […]

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La Paz: A beautiful blazer, inside and out

We all know that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And while sometimes I ignore the inside of my me-made clothes, I do think that a well made garment should be beautiful both inside and out. Unfortunately, making the inside of a garment beautiful requires extra time, and chances are that only the person […]

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Sewing for Others: Lola Dress for Ella

My “to-make” list is a constantly growing behemoth. There are so many projects to try and so many techniques I want to learn. But honestly, there is not enough room in my closet (or my husband’s or daughter’s) for all of the garments that I want to make. And there aren’t enough days in the […]

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